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L'illustrateur Jason Felix a été accusé de plagiat pour son illustration de Crux of Fate, de l'édition Strixhaven Mystical Archive.
Les illustrations originales sont un fan art de Kitt Lapeña (scarypet) et celle de la carte Ugin, the Spirit Dragon par Raymond Swanland.

Source 1 : scarypet (@omgscarypet), 4:34 PM · 28 mars 2021 a écrit :
Should I be flattered?hehe.But seriously,#MtG has been a major influence that developed my love for making art. (and I've sent application/portfolio many times to WotC.) Now someone told me my art made it into a Card! Ironically,in a somewhat s̷t̷o̷l̷e̷n̷ way #MTGStrixhaven

Source 2 : le fan art de Nicol Bolas

Source 3 : Wizards of the Coast, March 30, 2021 a écrit :
It has come to our attention that the card Crux of Fate from the Strixhaven: School of Mages Mystical Archive may overtly feature Magic: The Gathering fan art and the contracted artist did not receive permission for this incorporation. These actions do not reflect the values of Wizards, and, as a result, we will be suspending future work with Jason Felix until we have been able to bring this matter to successful conclusion.

Source 4 : Jason Felix (@Art_JasonFelix) · 31 mars a écrit :
Crux of Fate. I've waited to make a public response because I wanted to reach out to the affected artists Kitt Lapeña, Raymond Swanland and WotC first. I was overworked, but that's no excuse. I messed up and I'm trying to make amends.

I will be compensating the artists, and hope to advocate for their names to be on the card instead of my own. The artists did not deserve this. It's not much and I don't expect forgiveness.

But I hope it's a step towards being better. I'm so sorry this ever happened and to let down the fans.

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